My name is Mykel.  I was born and raised in a masculine world like a lot of western women.  Conditioned to behave in a masculine way which ensured success.  In fact, I was an expert at it by age 35.  I was successful by everyone's standards that I knew.  I had a fabulous husband with three beautiful children whom I loved dearly, supportive family and close friends, a great job that provided a good income with a guaranteed pension, a gorgeous home, the whole nine yards.  Anyone looking from the outside from afar would have said my life was perfect.  Yet, I was sick, stressed, and most importantly, empty.  I had nothing left to

give and certainly didn't understand since I had everything that should have made me happy.  But there was one unbearable truth, I wasn't happy at all.  In fact, I was absolutely miserable.  This is where the true story begins.


I began to search.  For what, I wasn't sure but I knew there was something more that I needed to find before I died of exhaustion and loneliness.  Slowly but surely, I found it.  It was me, the real me.  Not the conditioned masked girl I pretended to be.  I found me, the Goddess, the amazing being filled with unconditional love.  As this ascension process occurred, my gifts started to unfurl in the most beautiful ways and continue to this very day.  I share these gifts and all I have learned with anyone who is called to work with me because it gives me so much joy and happiness.  It is why I am here.  It is my soul's mission....to embody unconditional love and share it with the world!


If you feel a call to work with me, know that I am so honored to show you who you really are.  Believe me, I know how to find you.  Not just because of my amazing gifts, but also because I have been lost too.  I understand on the deepest most profound level what it feels like to not have unconditional love for yourself and in your life.  This has opened the deepest level of compassion in my soul and allows me to hold you in sacred space while your transformation takes place.  You too can have what I have especially if you are reading this.  It means you have it in you as well and you were called to be here because you are ready for it.  You too can create a life beyond your dreams that will be much more than you could ever hope, dream or imagine.  I look forward to working with you.  Until then, know that I unconditionally love you!