All of us need it, most of us want it, we are on occasion able to acknowledge the need for it, yet the idea of healing yourself can put one in fear.  Beginning at birth we begin the 3rd dimensional process of creating an identity, and this identity grows and expands as we experience life.  While our life experiences include all the good, fun, and joyous things, they also include the scary, painful, shameful,

guilt-ridden, and just plain unpleasant things we encounter.

These experiences can have an emotionally traumatizing effect on us, and they build up, creating bigger and thicker walls that keep us from fully understanding and fully connecting with who we really are.  Your soul’s desire is for you to be fully awake, in-tune, and connected with who you really are.

Our offer to heal you includes the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, all aspects of your existence.  Whether your emotional trauma manifests itself physically as back or knee pain, or headaches, or you just have a sense within yourself that you don’t feel good, addressing and transmuting your emotional traumas will heal your body and soul.  This cannot be addressed without also acknowledging our need for sexual healing.  Our emotional traumas intertwine with our egos and end up in various aspects of our sex life and sexuality.

Mykel brings the divine feminine aspect of unconditional love to create and hold space for all who need it.  Her twin brings divine masculine energy, which is so critical for women to recognize, accept, and feel their Goddessness.

As you read this you will feel within your body how it resonates, whether it draws you in or feels as though it repels you and your wall grows thicker.  When you are ready, we are ready to help, heal, and love.  If the fear is too great, then at minimum please do the following: offer yourself unconditional love, no judgement, no shame, just love, until such time as you are ready.

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and all the unconditional love within those energies awaits you.