"I have seen and worked with many teachers but I have yet to meet someone who embodies, conveys, and transmits a frequency of unconditional love so clearly and powerfully, like Mykel does.  She is a true example of embodied higher dimensional consciousness and being in her presence is a true gift.  A few heart felt words of caution, when you decide to work with Mykel be ready for a total and complete transformation on all levels of your being and life experience.  In deep gratitude for knowing you, and a tremendous positive change that took place in my own life from our interaction." - Emmanuel

"I have never known someone who has embodied and shared unconditional love as Mykel does.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with her; it has transformed and unlocked my soul - I am forever changed.  To the reader, I ask you are you ready to awaken, to unlock and connect with your higher self, to embody and realize that you are and have always been unconditional love?  On the deepest level, your soul desires this.  Mykel can help you discover you; the transformation will forever change you." - Stephanie

"Mykel is the most beautifully intuitive goddess I know.  I was turned off to readers and intuitives for many years, because it seemed everywhere I turned, everyone had a hidden agenda and/or had their ego intertwined with their work.  But thank the gods, I found Mykel, who is so grounded, loving, and full of feminine integrity.  The path and journey that I'm now on is one full of color and light, spirit guides and angels, and full of spiritual and human growth.  I mean... I know...that my growth and strength comes from within me... but *someone* had to point the way for me while I fumbled in the dark, and that someone was Mykel.  I'm beyond blessed and grateful to have her in my life.  If you're fumbling, feel stuck, trapped, or have a general "dragging myself through life" feeling, you've come to the right place.  If you're ready....breathe and open." - Kate

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate you Mykel.  I appreciate how you push me to grow and learn.  I'm grateful to have you in my life.  You are the one who has pushed me to love myself unconditionally.  You have pushed me to forgive myself even when I really just want to beat myself up.  You encourage me to push past the conditioning and to take care of me first so I can be the best version of my true self.  In being my true self I can assist others in being their true selves.  Because of you I can help guide others to grow and love themselves.  You have shown me what being a Goddess is.  You have guided me in the Goddess Principles and how to use them in my life daily.  You gave me the Love and Light Codes and helped me to raise my vibration even higher.  You helped me in identifying my Twin Flame and even though I am still scared of moving forward with my Twin Flame, you have helped me to forgive myself for being fearful.  You have shown me how to follow my heart.  Do I love it?  If I don't love it, then I don't do it.  You've taught me that fear is not real even though it feels real.  It's not real it is just the ego getting in the way to block you from growing.  I am a Goddess.  I am unconditional love." - Michelle

"Mykel I don't know what I would do without you.  You have pushed me to grow in ways I never knew were within me.  When I have not wanted to do something, I know that this is only a door of fear and that healing is on the other side of that door bringing me one step closer to finding me, the real me.  Not the one that years of conditioning have put together.  Not the character I have been playing, but the real me.  It has been hard, but I have been able to do it with your encouraging words to find myself and loving myself no matter what darkness I find.  No one else has done this for me.  I know you will never judge me and you will love me no matter what.  For that is what unconditional love is.  To forgive myself for any wrong I have done and for others that have done wrong to me.  It is a process and I know I will make it through.  For I am unconditional love.  I am a Goddess.  A Divine Feminine Goddess.  I am forever inspired by you because I know it is within me.  Thank you Mykel for showing me the way.  I love you unconditionally." - Jennifer

"As an awakened soul, everyday I acknowledge shifts & openings, that occur within myself and bare witness to the ripple of energy that is sent out from my heart that ignites shifts & openings within others and the collective as well as the energy waves that are received in return, especially from a beautiful Divine Feminine Goddess, Mykel and her Twin Flame, her Divine Masculine.  What an honor to be on this journey and to be an Ascended Angel incarnated in this time to guide and awaken souls as we pull in all aspects of self, through conscious awareness to ascend. 

For over two years, I have worked with both Mykel and her Twin - unlocking, surrendering, awakening and opening my heart and connection to source, which is myself and my Twin to own who I AM, to know my mission, to fully open and own my Divinity - the knowing, acceptance, and integration of the I AM energy & worthiness.

As I walk within my Divinity to create and co-create - the knowing - I am bursting with limitless unconditional love for myself, my Twin, for Mykel, her Twin and all that exists regardless of time, space, seen or not.

From my heart to yours (individually and as one) breathe it in, thank you.  You both have authentically shown me your hearts through vulnerability, openness, true connection, surrender and most importantly unconditional love as you have each owned your Divinity as the Divine Feminine and Masculine, a Twin Union.  I love you both more than I could ever express in a single moment or lifetime." - Steph