March 18, 2017

As I sit here developing this website, I am feeling extremely fearful.  I am putting myself out here for the world to see.  Even though I have been doing this work for over 7 years, I have only allowed clients from referrals to see me.  My team told me it was time to truly embrace all that I am.  So as I write this, I am crying uncontrollably because I feel so scared and so unbelievably vulnerable.  But more importantly, I feel so blessed, so supported, and so dearly loved to be able to show you who I really am.  I am opening my heart even more to each and every one of you.  So here it is....the big reveal.  I am love.  No, not the conditional type.  I am unconditional love.  And as I let you all in to see me, know that I am forever changed by all of you allowing me the sacred space to be me.  In return, I will provide you the sacred space to see yourself and eventually you will let others see you as well.  Thank you...I love you...Go with my love.

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