Secrets of the Divine Feminine Goddess

March 24, 2017

The Divine Feminine Goddess is here.  Can you feel her?  She is full of unconditional love, life, passion, movement, sensuality, joy, magic and so much more.  She is Shakti.  She lives from her heart space.  She creates through her heart.  You see, her heart is her connection to her soul.  This means she feels deeply.  All of her emotions are deeply accepted and loved for they tell her where she is.  This provides the deep healing she has so desperately needed and she knows how to provide sacred space for herself to feel it all and transmute it back to unconditional love.  She evolves quickly because she has learned to surrender, allow, to flow, to move with life, to be free and to be wild.  She gives first and foremost to herself because she understands that she can only give to others what she has first given to herself.  She listens to the deep wisdom of her body, honors it, cherishes it and understands it is absolutely sacred.  She listens and fully trusts her intuition, her guides, her team.  She understands that when she does, the universe and all that is supports her, loves her, and provides for her. She has mastered detachment of outcomes.  When the Divine Feminine Goddess creates, it is from a place of sheer authenticity, vulnerability, heart and soul.  No need to control anything, no hiding, no secrets, she shows it all.  She lives a life beyond her dreams.  Only her heart and soul know the way which always takes her into uncharted territories.  This may take her to doors of fear and she walks through them because she knows fear isn't real.  Only love is real....the unconditional kind she has for herself and therefore the world.  





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