The New Energy

May 22, 2017


Hello beautiful souls!  My wish for each and every one of you is that you are feeling the new energy.  It has shifted drastically since the Equinox.  It is simply an amazing time.  The shift has occurred.  What does this mean?  Well, my loves, let me explain!  Everything you ever wanted, dreamed, wished and more is on it's way to you.  You are completely loved and supported and you now have the ability to feel it and let it all in.  All it requires is for you to open your heart to who you really love!  


Sometimes when we open our hearts, we find things that need to be healed.  Let me explain a little with an example from my own life.  One of my characters in this lifetime is that I have been a Mommy to three beautiful and amazing children.  They were my world.  However, that came with some serious beliefs about what that meant.  For example, were my children well behaved, successful in their endeavors, and well liked?  If they were, then I was a good Mom.  If not, I failed and needed to do something different or at least beat myself up for the failure.  Talk about pressure!  Not only on me but my babies as well.  As you can imagine, I then shared that energy with my babies and everyone else for that matter.  That is the old energy.  It is ego and it keeps the heart and other chakras blocked from who you really are...unconditional love.


So when my son left for the military, it gave me another opportunity to heal.  My heart and solar plexus chakras were blocked from the expectation of him always staying close physically.  It felt as if there was a large boulder sitting in them.  I knew what that meant.  It was my body speaking to me.  It meant I needed to heal myself and transmute the old energy.  So I listened and opened and felt all the pain from the expectation and it started to shift.


The new energy is that I love myself unconditionally and therefore love all others unconditionally...whether they are behaving or not.  There is no expectation of others in my life.  Now I just follow my heart and whatever feels good is what I do and focus on.  When I experience fear or pain, I clear it by opening my heart even more.  When I want to manifest is always this or something attachment!  It is flow, it is love, it is joy, it is magic!  This is the new energy of the heart.  The heart has no expectation.  It simply gives and receives love.  That is all.  Ahhhh!  Talk about bliss! 


My Ode To My Son


Your new journey will take you far and wide

Filled with experiences but the best will be from the inside

The inside is where your precious heart beats

And when you connect with it, it makes life so sweet

For your heart is the key to your soul

And knowing it is the only goal

So take a deep breath and follow your heart my amazing son

And always remember I love you a ton!



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