Surrender the Warrior

May 26, 2017

Each of us has within us our God or Goddess. It is the ultimate representation of our soul, the pure unconditional love that is our soul. This Goddess within us is, by default, who we really are. It can’t be changed or altered. It just is. As humans, no matter how we act, how we feel, what we do, or what we say, we are Gods or Goddesses. 


When, as humans, we operate based on our brain/ego, we create characters or identities. There is a part of this identity in each of us whose purpose is EXACTLY the same. This part is called the Warrior. The ego creates the warrior in an effort to protect us from feeling. At first glance we can presume that the warrior is there to protect us from feeling bad, or hurt. This is true, but it goes much deeper. You see, our egos are very clever, and while it’s important to the ego to not “feel” bad, it’s surprisingly also important to not “feel” good too. Or at least not feel too good.


Imagine feeling the most amazing sensations of joy and love and happiness. Imagine yourself with the feeling of walking on clouds, sun pleasantly shining in your face, birds chirping, not a care in the world. The ego is always on watch, and the warrior is the watchman who observes that while this all feels fine and good, at some point you will come crashing back to earth, and when you drop from such a high place, from such a good feeling, it’s going to sting really bad. So the warrior, with sword and shield in hand, steps in and says it may be ok to feel good, or even great at times, but I can’t have you feeling too good because when it ends and you no longer feel amazing it’s going to hurt so much more. The warrior will try to regulate how good you feel in an effort to minimize how bad you can feel.


In fact, the warrior can actually be a manager of our misery. If you go into battle, and fear that you might lose, you often make concessions to “the enemy” in order to minimize your losses. This is what the warrior does for us from an emotional perspective. How many times have you experienced conceding something to someone else in order to not feel the potential rejection if your true feelings were expressed?


The warrior pops up anytime we are feeling vulnerable. The warrior is present when we’re in fear. And there are times when our warrior is victorious on our behalf. How many times have you “won” an argument with someone by zinging them with something particularly hurtful? How many times have you held back how you really felt about something and let someone else’s feelings prevail. Both are examples of the warrior, and from the perspective of warrior, both are victories. In either situation you did not become exposed or particularly vulnerable to how you really feel, and as a result, you won’t come crashing back down to earth. But remember, also as a result you will never reach the walking on clouds feeling.


So we say to you it’s time to lay down your sword and shield. It’s time to surrender the warrior. Remember your default, Goddess.


With love from the Divine Masculine

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