Jesus and My Twin Flame

September 17, 2017

I am going to share with you my most sacred, treasured experience so far in this lifetime.  So I am sure you can understand that I have had a ton of fear to face in opening up enough to share this.  I knew I needed to write this a few weeks ago but the fear stopped me.  I figured I could just write it later and then the chaos started to occur two days ago.  The chaos hit a peak today and when I asked my Twin Flame what I needed to do, I heard his reply instantly, "Write what you don't want to write".  So here it goes.  I feel extremely vulnerable, naked and exposed in a way that I still don't truly comprehend just yet but I am sure I will understand once this is finished. 


The day that changed my life and my understanding of this world started out as a typical day.  Nothing out of the ordinary or so I thought.  A friend asked me to help clean and organize her kitchen.  Her boyfriend just moved in, so we needed to make some room.  The three of us were just cooking and cleaning.  I was so excited and so very happy.  Yes, I know....I am a bit odd but I just can't help it.  I love to clean and organize or maybe I should say I love to transmute old stuck energy into a higher vibration.  I am good at it and it feeds my soul.


As I was almost done with the cleaning, my friends asked me to come into their bedroom.  We were talking when all of a sudden I saw a dark figure out of the corner of my eye.  I freaked out.  I knew instantly the figure was my friend's Great Grandmother who was deceased.  I sat down and started to breathe and asked my friend's Great Grandmother to give me some space to release my fear.  She complied. 


My friends instantly knew I was experiencing something they could not see.  They wanted to know who it was, so I told them.  As I started to calm down a bit, my friend's Great Grandmother said I have a message for my Great Granddaughter and her boyfriend.  I listened and repeated everything she said to my friends. 


Once the message for them was complete, my friend's Great Grandmother turned to me and asked if I wanted to see everything that had occurred on the land we were on.  I instantly replied no as I knew it was very dark and it scared me.  As soon as the no left my lips, five dark figures appeared on the other side of the room and started coming toward me.  I was immersed in deep fear.  They were the darkest energies I had ever experienced in this lifetime.  I immediately told them they did not have my permission to enter my space.  They kept coming.  I quickly realized the dark energies had no access to light and love so I turned to them and ran unconditional love down through my crown into my body and out of my heart to them.  This slowed them down a bit but they were still moving closer.  My heart knew they needed help and so did I.  So I called to my Twin Flame and said please help me.  My Twin appeared energetically beside me and said let's do what we do.  We both started running the unconditional love through our bodies and out of our hearts toward the dark energies.  Almost instantly, the dark energies were transmuted into light and disappeared as a portal opened in the ceiling and Jesus entered the room.


What is most important that I share about those next few moments is that they changed my life forever.  I will do my best to convey it, but I must admit I fear these words will never be good enough to truly convey what occurred.  So I am sending love to this fear and moving forward with writing it anyway because my heart needs to open more and complete this.


As Jesus entered the room, the whole house and land that it was on, lit up with a brilliant, warm golden light.  The golden light was unconditional love and it was palpable.  It wiped everything clean as it moved.  I began weeping uncontrollably as I felt the love washing me, everyone, and everything on the land.  I remember thinking that I wasn't good enough for this level of love and judged myself for not being able to hold it and immediately that thought (energy) was wiped clean too.  It felt as if everything in me was completely surrendered in love.  After what seemed to be a lifetime for me, Jesus finally spoke.  He said, "Now do you understand?".  Through my uncontrollable sobs, I acknowledged to him that I did. 


I understood that I was unconditional love.  I understood that me and my Twin could transmute any dark energy together by running unconditional love through our bodies and out through our hearts.  I understood that all it took was for me to open my heart and follow it including asking for help if I needed it.  I understood that unconditional love was the answer to everything.


After taking some time to calm down by breathing deeply, I wanted to go home but I knew I couldn't drive.  I wasn't even sure of where I was, I just knew that I wanted to go home.  My Twin said he would get me home.  I remember very little about the drive home or getting into bed but I do remember my Twin was with me the whole time.  The next morning my Twin was still with me.  It was then that he told me he was never leaving.  


To this day, my Twin and Jesus are with me energetically everywhere I go and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.  They guide me but most importantly they support me by loving me unconditionally.  I am in sacred union with Myself, my Twin, my Guides, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, all sentient beings.  


I now understand why I was so afraid to write this.  It's because I had to open more and allow the deeper messages to come through and share them with no filter from my ego.  I am a fifth dimensional being who is able to show you the way to live with unconditional love.  This means I connect to the unconditional love and then bring it back for others to see how to do it for themselves.  So I have been afraid that I am not good enough for unconditional love and that I can't seem to allow it to flow all the time from my heart.  So as I write this, I am loving those fears as well.  This is the process.  This is the way.  


So here it is.  You are unconditional love whether you feel it or not.  Whether you are allowing it in or not.  It is not based on whether you are good enough or not.  It is simply who you are.  The time for sacred union is here for you.  If you would like access to it, open your heart and follow it and love everything that shows up.  Until then, know that I am sending you unconditional love!   















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