Spring Equinox

March 20, 2018

 Welcome beautiful souls!  The Spring Equinox will officially arrive in a few short hours.  In order to prepare, I want to give you a vision of the now I live in.  My world is beautiful, pristine, gorgeous, and filled with so much unconditional love.  There is compassion, patience, beauty, joy, grace, and many other divine qualities.  The colors are rich, vibrant, and have a life of their own.  Even the air, earth, water, and fire have consciousness that can be felt.  It is called the 5th dimension.  Here...everything is alive with a divinity that is both individual and unified.  All beings love themselves unconditionally as well as others.  We are connected to source, spirit, God, Goddess, the universe, whatever you want to call it.  There is magic here.  We are connected and living authentically in love and we each know our unique purpose.  The concept of time doesn't exist here.  There is no war, competition, hate, or fear.  There is no polarity.  The key is all beings live from their heart space and embody who they really are.....unconditional love.   


Now this may sound a bit odd to you, and at first glance you may even think I am crazy.  I can certainly understand because when I first began this journey, I thought I was going crazy!  In fact, I told my husband at the time there were only two reasonable explanations for what I was experiencing.  Either I was certifiably crazy and shouldn't be around our children or something was happening to me that I needed to open to so that I could understand.  I am deeply grateful for him because he believed in me and pushed me in the direction to open more.     


Because I chose to open my heart more, I found out who I really am.  I am unconditional love.  More specifically, I am a Divine Twin Flame Feminine Goddess and a Gatekeeper among other things.  I have come here on a mission to embody unconditional love and share it with the world.  I open portals of higher energetic vibrations and hold them open for others to access if they so choose.  I do this through my heart and I co-create with many divine beings of love and light to help others on their journey home.  


So I get it, believe me, I do.  Opening your heart can be scary and anyone in their right mind wouldn't do it, right?  That is how you get hurt.  You have to protect yourself from people or things that would hurt you.  That is what I thought too or at least a similar version of that story.  But that was my ego.  It was based on everything I was taught to believe and everything that had happened before and it was based in fear and darkness of my wounding.  It was based on a lower energetic vibration called the 3rd dimension.  But in the now, the new energy is here and we all have access to it through our hearts.  As you open your heart, you will experience greater amounts of unconditional love and your wounding will come up for healing.  You see, your wounding is what keeps your heart closed to the divinity that you are but as you open your heart, the unconditional love that you are transmutes the wounding.  Your greatest darkness is where you will find your greatest light.


Even if you don't remember yet, each of us has agreed to come here to take part in an amazing journey back home while taking our physical bodies with us.  This has never occurred in this way.  As a collective, we are going through an ascension, raising our energetic vibrations.  As you look around, you can see the wounding, the chaos coming up for healing.  This has to occur to reach the higher energetic vibrations.  There is no need to fear because fear isn't real, only unconditional love is real.    


We've been preparing for the Spring Equinox by receiving many downloads of higher energetic vibrations in the last few weeks.  It has been intense and yet it is an exciting time for the collective and for each individual.  So as you experience the Spring Equinox, the first day of Spring, remember the new energy is here in the now.  The only question I have for you is what kind of world do you want to create, one of love or fear?  If you choose love, open your heart and you will begin to remember why you are truly here.  The choice is yours and you are loved no matter what you choose.  All is unfolding perfectly!  I am sending you all unconditional love!

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