The Goddess Principles & Practices

May 19, 2018

Hello beautiful souls!  I have been blessed to co-create the Goddess Principles and Practices with my Twin Flame, Yeshua, and Mary Magdalene.  Whoo hoo!  This was huge for me.  I faced so many fears with this heart creation.  The biggest one was telling myself I wasn't good enough.  It's amazing how deep this wounding was for me.  I felt separated from my divinity and was so fearful I would fail.  I can't tell you how many times I distracted myself just so that I wouldn't have to face it.  And then the chaos came.  But I finally opened my heart, faced my fear, sent it love and created it anyway.  As I sit here, I am crying with such a deep love for myself for opening my heart even more and loving it all.  It's the way we heal and it's simple but it sure isn't always easy.  It takes a lot of love and trust to open your heart but this is where we all are going.  This is how we heal ourselves, each other and the world.  If your heart is calling you to the Goddess Principles and Practices, I am offering the downloadable file on my website for a reduced price through May (Offer Code - "Intro Offer").  Enjoy your unfolding!  As always, I am sending you all unconditional love.  







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