Beautiful Goddess

October 30, 2019

You, my love, are love.  Pure, intense, passionate filled to the brim with ecstatic rapture in your bones.  This divine energy...this unconditional love...flows through your body once you surrender to who you truly are.

We’ve all played the game of the 3rd dimension...separation, power, control, manipulation.  All our creations based in fear.  It was a beautiful experiment of free will to choose fear, to choose from ego.  But that time is over.

NOW, the time and wisdom has come.  A time to choose from our hearts.  A time to choose love.  No, not the conditional kind.  I’m talking about divine love, the unconditional kind.  The kind that we all are in essence.

This unconditional love that is our essence is of the highest vibration.  It is communion with the divine and amazingly enough, the divine is in everything.

Beautiful Goddess, you are here to crack the world open and create the new one.  A new world that begins with the foundation of your heart.  The new world that is created from your soul deeply immersed within your divinity.

No, this will not be easy.  But my love, it is simple.  You will have to open your heart to every fear.  You will have to show up with an open heart and surrender.  And just when you have surrendered as deep as you could possibly imagine, you will be deeply called to surrender even more.  This is a surrender to the divine deep within you.  This surrender will leave you stark naked for all to see.  But it's ok beautiful Goddess.  For you see, you are the divine.  You are perfect and you have a deep meaningful purpose for being here.  So dive deeply into your heart and bring back the beauty of your soul for all to see and witness in it's absolute perfection. 


The unconditional love that you are is stronger and brighter than anything in the whole omniverse.  So, shine bright my loves....shine bright!!!  Sending each and every one of you all of my unconditional love!!!




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